About the service

AMG Security offers unparalleled Real Estate Security services across England, crafted to ensure the utmost protection of your property. In a world where safety concerns are ever-increasing, our services provide not just security, but also peace of mind. Our approach is comprehensive, incorporating the latest security technologies and strategies to safeguard your property effectively.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Contact us to express your security consultancy needs. Share your concerns and objectives to help us understand your unique situation.


In-depth Security Evaluation

We conduct a comprehensive assessment of your security landscape, identifying potential vulnerabilities and existing strengths.


Strategic Plan Development

A customized security plan is developed, addressing identified risks and aligning with your specific objectives.


Implementation Guidance

We provide detailed guidance on the implementation of the recommended security measures, ensuring they integrate seamlessly with your operations.


Training and Skill Development

Offer training sessions and workshops for your staff to enhance their understanding of security protocols and procedures.


Regular Review and Updates

We offer ongoing support, with regular reviews to ensure the continued efficacy of your security strategy and adapt to any new threats or changes in circumstances.

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    What types of clients benefit from security consultancy?

    Our clientele encompasses a diverse spectrum, extending services to businesses, organizations, high-net-worth individuals, and property owners. This includes VIP security consultancy, executive protection consulting, crisis management consultancy, physical security consultation, access control consulting and more.

    How does AMG Security stay updated on security trends?

    Our team regularly undergoes training and stays informed about the latest security technologies and methodologies.

    Can you work with existing security teams?

    Yes, we can collaborate with your existing security team to enhance and optimize your security measures.

    Is your consultancy service confidential?

    Absolutely, we maintain strict confidentiality in all our consulting services.

    How do you tailor your consultancy to individual clients?

    We consider each client’s unique needs, environment, and objectives to develop a tailored security strategy.

    Do you provide follow-up support after the initial consultancy?

    Yes, we offer ongoing support and are available to address any further needs or changes.