About the service

AMG Security offers unparalleled Real Estate Security services across England, crafted to ensure the utmost protection of your property. In a world where safety concerns are ever-increasing, our services provide not just security but also peace of mind. Our approach is comprehensive, incorporating the latest security technologies and strategies to safeguard your property effectively.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your specific real estate security needs.


Property Assessment

Our experts conduct a detailed evaluation of your property.


Tailored Plan Creation

We develop a personalized security strategy based on the assessment.



Deployment of security measures and team on-site.


Training and Familiarization

We provide comprehensive training and familiarization sessions for you and your staff, ensuring everyone is comfortable operating and understanding the CCTV system.


Ongoing Monitoring and Support

We offer ongoing monitoring and regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and address any technical issues promptly.

Enhance Your Property’s Safety Today

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    What types of properties does AMG Security cater to?

    We provide security solutions tailored to diverse real estate types, such as commercial properties, VIP and luxury estates, gated communities, condominiums, apartment buildings, and industrial estates. Our services encompass specialized security for vacation properties, estate security guards, and comprehensive commercial property security measures.

    How customizable are your real estate security services?

    Our approach revolves around high customization, where we craft security plans specifically designed after conducting individual property assessments and considering client preferences. This includes leveraging property surveillance systems, access management for real estate, and home security solutions, coupled with property risk assessment and property security consulting, to tailor the perfect fit for your needs.

    Can AMG Security integrate existing security systems into its service?

    Yes, we can seamlessly integrate your existing security systems into our comprehensive security plan.

    Do you offer around-the-clock surveillance?

    Certainly, our commitment extends to round-the-clock monitoring services, guaranteeing continuous protection for your property through the utilization of CCTV specifically designed for real estate.

    How does AMG Security ensure the quality of its security personnel?

    Our security staff are rigorously vetted, extensively trained, and SIA-licensed, ensuring the highest standards of service.

    What measures are taken to ensure the privacy and discretion of your services?

    Privacy and discretion are paramount in our operations. Our team is trained to provide effective security while respecting client confidentiality and maintaining a low profile.