The benefits of drone technology in security services

  • Real-time accurate data

    As already mentioned, drones can carry a wide range of payloads or sensors. Some of these sensors include high-resolution cameras and infrared. These sensors help collect high-quality information from an aerial view, making it impossible for intruders who think they can outsmart CCTV cameras. If they decide to hide behind a wall or invade at night, infrared or thermal cameras can help detect them by enabling night vision.

  • Drones are faster

    Unlike helicopters, drones are faster and, in some cases, require fewer clearances than manned aircraft. You can get a drone for surveillance into the air in a few minutes, especially if it’s a multirotor or a VTOL (Vertical Take-off and Landing). If you happen to use a fixed-wing, you will need a smaller runway than you would with manned aircraft.

  • Drones are safer

    Anything can happen when surveilling using manned aircraft. It could malfunction, get shot down, or get affected by the weather. In other cases, manned aircraft may be needed to surveil dangerous and inaccessible areas, such as areas with hazardous materials.

  • Autonomy

    Drones are technically “flying computers.” That means you can fit them with AI and other automotive technologies. For instance, drones can be designed to fly along a specified route (waypoints), fly back to the home point in case the battery is low or in case of an emergency, and automatically relay the information collected to the user in real time. Some solutions exist known as drone-in-a-box systems where the drone automatically deploys itself, collects data, sends it to the user, and goes back to its station when the battery is depleted for charging.

  • Drones are cheaper

    When dealing with manned aircraft, you need to spend millions of dollars to get started.

A simple drone costing $1,000 to $2,000 is also good enough to start. As I mentioned earlier, drones require fewer personnel if you can automate the process.

Besides, most drones used for surveillance use batteries, making them easier to maintain than vehicles or manned aircraft.

The lower costs also increase the ROI of such a business, opening up more opportunities for people who would like to venture into drones as a business.

The types of drones used for security services

Any drone can be used for surveillance as long as it has the necessary tools.

The type you choose depends on your budget, trained personnel, and the size of the facility where you need to maintain security. The types of drones include the following.

  • Multirotors

    This refers to drones whose propulsion is made possible by motors and propellers. They are called multirotors because they often have at least four propellers, but it’s possible to find some models with six or eight propellers. Multirotors are cheaper, easier to run, and more convenient for smaller areas. Since they take off vertically, they don’t need a runway. Many of them can’t carry larger payloads, so they often come with the necessary sensors, but getting a customized multirotor drone for security services is possible.

  • Fixed-wing drones

    These drones are more expensive and more challenging to operate, but they don’t consume that much energy, allowing them to fly for longer. They also often have a larger payload capacity compared to multi-rotor drones.

  • VTOL

    This hybrid drone features a propeller to help take off and fixed wings to make it easier to cruise without consuming too much energy.

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