About the service

At AMG Security, we specialize in Mobile Patrol Security Services, offering a dynamic and flexible approach to safeguarding properties and communities across London. Our mobile security patrols represent the pinnacle of modern security solutions, combining mobility, technology, and expert manpower to address various security needs effectively.

Stages of work


Initial Inquiry

Reach out to us with your security concerns and learn how our Mobile Patrol Services can meet your needs.


Security Assessment

Our experts conduct a detailed assessment of your property or area to identify specific security requirements.


Customized Security Plan

We develop a personalized mobile patrol strategy that aligns with your security goals and budget considerations.


Deployment of Mobile Patrols

Our professional Mobile Patrol Officers are deployed, equipped with the tools and knowledge to protect your interests.


Ongoing Support and Adaptation

We provide continuous support, adapting our services as necessary to deal with new threats or changes in your security needs.


Regular Review and Updates

We provide continuous support by conducting periodic assessments to maintain the relevance of your security strategy and making adjustments in response to emerging threats or changing conditions.

Elevate Your Security Strategy Today

Contact AMG Security for a consultation and discover how our Mobile Patrol Security Services can provide you with the dynamic protection you need.


    What is a mobile patrol service?

    Mobile patrol service involves security personnel patrolling your property at random or scheduled times to deter criminal activity and respond to incidents.

    How much do mobile security patrols cost?

    Costs vary based on frequency and coverage needs but expect competitive rates tailored to your specific security requirements.

    Can I customize the mobile patrol schedule?

    Yes, patrol schedules are fully customizable to match your security needs, whether you require round-the-clock or specific time coverage.

    Are mobile patrol officers trained?

    All officers are professionally trained in security protocols, emergency response, and customer service to provide top-tier protection.

    How do mobile patrols enhance security?

    They act as a visible deterrent to crime, provide rapid response to incidents, and ensure continuous surveillance of your property.

    What differentiates mobile patrols from static security?

    Mobile patrols offer dynamic and flexible coverage, moving around to monitor multiple areas, unlike static guards who remain at fixed points.

    Can mobile patrols respond to alarms?

    Yes, mobile patrol units are equipped to respond swiftly to alarm activations, providing immediate on-site investigation and action.

    Do mobile patrol services include reporting?

    Comprehensive reports on patrol activities, incidents, and observations are provided, ensuring transparency and accountability.

    How does mobile patrol integrate with existing security systems?

    Mobile patrols can seamlessly integrate with your current security setup, enhancing overall protection through coordinated efforts.

    What qualifications do mobile patrol officers have?

    Officers typically hold security certifications, undergo background checks, and receive training in surveillance, conflict resolution, and first aid.