About the service

AMG Security presents its esteemed Family Security services, meticulously designed to safeguard your loved ones in England. In a world where threats can be unpredictable, the safety of your family is paramount. Our approach to family security is holistic, blending advanced security measures with a deep understanding of family dynamics and needs.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Reach out to us to discuss your family's security needs.


Personalized Assessment

We conduct an in-depth assessment of your family's lifestyle and security requirements.


Customized Security Plan

Based on the assessment, we develop a tailored security plan for your family.



Our team implements the security measures, integrating seamlessly into your family's routine.


Regular Evaluation and Updates

Periodically evaluate the effectiveness of the security measures and provide updates or enhancements as necessary.


Ongoing Support

We provide continuous support and adapt the plan as needed to ensure long-term safety.

Ensure Your Family’s Safety Today

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    What kind of family security services does AMG Security offer?

    Our array of services encompasses child protection services, residential security for families, and personalized family safety plans. Additionally, we specialize in ensuring the safety of elderly family members, providing home security for new parents, outdoor family safety, and school safety for children. This comprehensive range includes personal protection, home security systems, and safety planning tailored for family activities and travel.

    Are your security personnel trained in family dynamics?

    Yes, our team is specially trained to work within family environments, ensuring both safety and comfort.

    How does AMG Security ensure children's safety?

    Our specialized services focus on ensuring children’s safety, providing secure transportation and employing child-friendly security personnel. This approach aligns with our commitment to child protection services and extends to enhancing school safety for children. Additionally, we propose parental control apps as part of our comprehensive strategy.

    Can the security plan be modified as our family's needs change?

    Absolutely. We regularly review and adapt our security plans to align with your family’s evolving needs.

    Is the service discreet?

    Yes, we prioritize discretion to ensure your family’s normal routine is maintained.

    How are emergency situations handled?

    Our team is trained to respond swiftly and effectively in emergencies, ensuring your family’s immediate safety.