About the service

AMG Security, a premier security service provider in England, specializes in offering comprehensive events security services. Understanding the critical importance of safety at events, our service is designed to ensure that every gathering, big or small, proceeds without any security hitches. Our company works with various event sizes. We provide VIP event protection, public event security, sporting event security, wedding event protection, and much more.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your event and security requirements. Share the details and objectives of your event to help us understand your needs.


Event Assessment

We conduct a detailed evaluation of your event's security needs, considering factors like size, location, and audience.


Custom Security Plan Development

Based on the assessment, we craft a personalized security strategy that caters to the specific needs of your event.


Security Team Briefing and Training

Prior to the event, our security team is thoroughly briefed and trained on the event-specific security plan and protocols.



Our team is deployed to manage and oversee all security aspects of your event, ensuring every detail is covered.


Post-Event Review

Following the event, we provide a comprehensive review and feedback session to evaluate the security measures and discuss any improvements for future events

Plan Your Event with Confidence

Reach Out to AMG Security for Professional Events Security Services and Ensure a Safe and Successful Occasion


    What types of events does AMG Security cover?

    We provide security services spanning various events, from corporate functions and private parties to public gatherings and more. Our expertise covers concert security solutions, festival safety measures, corporate event security, VIP event protection, private party security, public event safety, sporting event security, wedding event protection, exhibition security services, conference safety measures, red carpet event security, celebrity event protection, and more.

    How do you handle crowd control at large events?

    We utilize effective crowd management techniques and deploy experienced personnel to ensure smooth crowd movement and prevent overcrowding.

    Can AMG Security liaise with local law enforcement?

    Yes, we coordinate with local law enforcement agencies to ensure comprehensive security coverage and quick response in emergencies.

    Are your security staff trained in emergency response?

    Absolutely. Our team is trained in emergency response and first aid to handle any unforeseen situations.

    How is security staffing determined for an event?

    Staffing is based on the event’s size, nature, and specific security requirements. We ensure optimal staffing to provide effective security coverage.

    Do you provide security for high-profile and VIP events?

    Yes, we have specialized services for high-profile and VIP events, ensuring discretion and top-tier security.