About the service

AMG Security proudly offers its esteemed Escort Service available throughout England, guaranteeing not only secure but also hassle-free travels and movements. In this era prioritizing personal safety, our service aims to offer the reassurance required to navigate any setting confidently and with ease through our eventful travel security solutions and personal travel security services.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your escort service needs.


Itinerary Review

We review your travel plans or event details to understand the scope of your requirements.


Personalized Security Plan

A tailored escort plan is developed, taking into account all aspects of your journey or event.


Risk Assessment and Strategy

Conduct a comprehensive risk assessment and develop strategies for potential scenarios to ensure your utmost safety.


Escort Team Assignment

We assign the best-suited team for your service, ensuring they are equipped and briefed to meet your specific needs.


Execution and Support

Our team accompanies you, providing continuous support throughout your journey or event, and adapting to any changes or requirements that arise.

Experience the Ultimate in Personal Protection

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    What types of escort services does AMG Security provide?

    Our extensive offerings encompass VIP travel escort protection, celebrity travel security services, travel security tailored for high-profile individuals, and more. Additionally, we provide travelers with a professional escort, executive protection for them, and specialized support for various occasions, including personal travel escorts, event escorts, and business trip escorts.

    How experienced are your escort personnel?

    Our team is adeptly trained and holds considerable expertise in the domains of personal protection and escort services, specifically catering to the realm of luxury travel security.

    Can the escort service be customized to specific needs?

    Absolutely, we tailor our services to align with your unique itinerary and requirements.

    Is the service available for international travel?

    Yes, our escort service can extend to international travel, depending on your needs.

    What measures do you take to ensure discretion?

    We prioritize discreet operations, ensuring minimal intrusion into your personal or professional engagements.

    How do you handle emergency situations during an escort?

    Our team is trained to respond effectively to emergencies, ensuring your safety is maintained at all times.