About the service

AMG Security in England is at the forefront of innovative security solutions with its state-of-the-art drone security services. In an era where security challenges are constantly evolving, our drone-enabled surveillance offers a sophisticated and highly effective approach to ensuring safety and security for various applications, including large estates, commercial properties, and critical infrastructure. Drone-based perimeter security offers comprehensive surveillance, ensuring a vigilant eye on the boundaries of your property at all times. Our automated drone security will ensure your safety and peace of mind.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Contact us to discuss your drone security needs. Share details about your property and specific security concerns.


Security Assessment

We conduct a detailed evaluation of your site and security requirements to understand the challenges and scope of protection needed.


Strategic Planning

Based on the assessment, a tailor-made drone surveillance plan is developed, integrating drone surveillance into your overall security strategy.


Technology and System Integration

We ensure that the drone technology is compatible and integrated with your existing security infrastructure for seamless operation.



Our expert pilots deploy drones as part of your comprehensive security setup, ensuring optimal coverage and efficiency.


Monitoring and Adjustment

We provide ongoing surveillance and make necessary adjustments to the drone operation, ensuring your security remains robust and responsive to evolving situations.

Revolutionize Your Security Strategy

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    What types of properties are suitable for drone security?

    Drone security finds its optimal use in large estates, commercial properties, industrial sites, and any location necessitating extensive aerial surveillance, including drone security for events.

    Are the drones operational at night?

    Yes, our drones are equipped with night vision capabilities, making them operational 24/7.

    How does drone security integrate with existing security measures?

    We seamlessly integrate drone surveillance with your existing security systems for enhanced overall protection.

    Is drone surveillance monitored in real-time?

    Yes, our drone feeds are monitored in real-time by trained professionals, ensuring an immediate response to any incidents.

    Are your drone pilots licensed and trained?

    Absolutely, our drone pilots are licensed and have undergone extensive training in drone operation and surveillance.

    Can drone security be customized according to specific events or requirements?

    Yes, we offer customizable drone security solutions tailored to specific events, properties, and client requirements.