About the service

AMG Security proudly offers state-of-the-art CCTV Monitoring services across England, providing an essential layer of security for both businesses and residences. Our approach is built on utilizing the latest in surveillance technology to offer real-time, continuous monitoring of your property.

Stages of work


Initial Consultation

Reach out to us to discuss your CCTV monitoring needs. Share details about your property and specific security concerns.


Site Evaluation

Our experts will conduct an on-site assessment to identify key areas for surveillance and evaluate any specific challenges.


Customized Plan Development

Based on the site evaluation, we design a CCTV system tailored to your specific requirements and security goals.


Installation and Setup

Our team will install and configure the CCTV system at your premises, ensuring all components function seamlessly.


System Training and Familiarization

We provide comprehensive training and familiarization sessions for you and your staff, ensuring everyone is comfortable with operating and understanding the CCTV system.


Ongoing Monitoring and Support

We offer continuous monitoring and regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and address any technical issues promptly.

Elevate Your Security Today

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    What types of properties does AMG CCTV monitoring cover?

    Our services span across various domains, including business video monitoring, commercial CCTV monitoring, and residential security cameras, meeting needs of all scales.

    Can I access the CCTV footage remotely?

    Indeed, our systems offer the flexibility of mobile CCTV monitoring, granting you remote access to view live feeds from any location.

    Are the CCTV systems weatherproof?

    Absolutely, our cameras are designed to withstand various weather conditions.

    What happens if there is a technical issue with the cameras?

    Our team provides swift technical support and maintenance to resolve any issues promptly.

    How secure is the footage captured by the CCTV cameras?

    We ensure the highest levels of data protection and confidentiality for all recorded footage.

    Can AMG integrate CCTV with my existing security system?

    Yes, we specialize in integrating our CCTV solutions with your current security setup.